Gooseneck Hitches - What Makes Them So Special?

A gooseneck trailer hitch is not your typical ball hitch which can be mounted on cars or trucks. Gooseneck hitches, just like fifth wheel hitches, are fastened to the bed of a pickup. Some of these specialty hitches can haul upwards of 30,000 pounds and are not made for hauling typical trailers. When shopping for a hitch, be it a gooseneck or ball hitch, online merchants are the best place to look as they can help you find the best fit for your towing vehicle and the trailer or trailers you intend to haul.

This Special Gooseneck Hitch - Why Should I Consider Using It?

Hitches come in different styles and classes. The classes of hitches help determine how much weight can safely be fastened to the towing vehicle whereas the style differences exist to accommodate different towing needs and tow vehicles. Gooseneck trailer hitches are considered heavy duty and made to fasten trailers weighing 10,000 pounds or more. They are made to accommodate things like horse trailers and other oddly shaped trailers whose weight is not evenly distributed.

Hitches like the gooseneck often require the bed to be temporarily removed from the pickup in order to be installed properly. This is why you should have any gooseneck or fifth wheel hitch professionally installed to ensure that it is properly fastened to bed for safe transit of your trailer. The gooseneck is often used as automotive trailer hitches due to its ability to handle large loads and superior handling.

The gooseneck variety of hitch can haul larger loads due to the fact that it is fastened to the bed of the truck and has a ball size ranging from 2-5/16 inches all the way up to 3 inches. The trailer is fastened to this ball with coupler. Consult with an online retailer today and find out if the gooseneck will work with your pickup and be able to handle the trailer you intend to haul.

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