Fifth Wheel Hitch - Is It For You?

Hitches come in several styles and classes and careful consideration needs to be taken prior to making a purchase decision. A Fifth wheel hitch is not like the more common ball hitches because it can only be installed on heavy duty pick-ups. They are generally used to fasten heavy trailers or campers to your towing vehicle. These are also more expensive to purchase and install than more traditional hitches which is why online merchants are the best place to shop for these heavy duty fasteners due to their expertise, wide selection, and affordable prices.

How Do These Extra Duty Hitches Work?

Fifth wheel hitches are actually mounted to the bed of the pickup truck rather than the bumper as is the case with most ball hitches (gooseneck hitches also mount in the bed of the pickup). It may be necessary to take off the bed of the truck in order to install the hitch properly which is why it is more expensive to install. These extra-duty hitches work like the fifth wheel on semis and are attached to a hinged plate. A pin on the trailer helps fasten it to the fifth wheel by sliding into a groove and thus locking the trailer in place.

The fifth wheel variety of hitch is an adjustable trailer hitch that can accommodate several types of trailers. Reese fifth wheel hitches and Husky fifth wheel hitches are two of the more popular options for these heavy duty hitches. No matter which brand you choose, it is best to have a mechanic install this specialty hitch due to the large weights being hauled and to ensure that the trailer fastens to the hitch properly. An online merchant will be able to tell you the best fifth wheel options for you, your truck, and the trailer or camper you intend towing.

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